Does being on "home-hospital" for my last semester lower my chances?

<p>I have debilitating health issues and miss too much school to continue my last semester normally. I really hate to do this, but being on "home-hospital," an independent learning program done through public high school (made for students with serious health complications), is really my only option.</p>

<p>Will this lower my chance of acceptance at my top schools? I'll still be taking 4 AP courses. </p>

<p>And, if I get into NYU this wednesday, will this be enough to make them repeal my acceptance?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>I doubt that they will repeal an acceptance.</p>

<p>That said, I can't help but ask....if your condition is permanent, how will you be able to handle the demands of college and attending classes. Profs aren't always that understanding.</p>

<p> a mom....I'm wondering if you're planning to be going away to school (or can you commute to NYU) and will living in a cold climate and trekking to classes be a problem?</p>

<p>I believe I can handle the pressure of a college away from home, my parents are not very involved. I'm having a hard time atm because I am constantly in and out of the hospital for tests and such.</p>

<p>I hope that, by going on home hospital, I'll be able to work on my issues and manage them before college.</p>

<p>Have you talked with your medical team about how to manage your care while you are at college?</p>

<h1>"my parents are not very involved."</h1>

<p>Can you clarify? Are you saying that your parents aren't involved in your health care needs? or are you saying that your parents aren't involved in your life?</p>

<p>If they're not involved in your life, how will you pay for NYU? </p>

<p>You're still in HS, so are you living at home or elsewhere?</p>

<p>My parents support me finically, they are just working through their own problems and kinda hand me money but don't do much besides that. I rarely see them. So, I just take care of everything heath related (schedule appts, pick up meds, work with doctors etc.).</p>

<p>My doctor says that if I work to manage diet and a good balance of medications, college will be a hardship, but not impossible. I am a passionate learner and I need to continue my education. I will not allow my health problems to hold me back.</p>

<p>There are all kinds of students with special needs and health conditions in colleges and universities in NYC. You are not alone. (One of my family members will be attending university in NYC next year, also dealing with significant health issues). Colleges and universities are committed to supporting all students and are well versed in federal laws related to special services. NYC is probably an ideal place to attend school, given the variety of medical centers and availability of public transportation. </p>

<p>Here are a few additional thoughts: With a chronic health condition you likely qualify for disability services on campus. Once you have committed to a school you can begin working with your physicians and the Center for Students with Disabilities to put accommodations in place in the event that you require them. If you end up at NYU check out the Lucy Moses Center. If you qualify for accommodations you might request a single room, preferential registration (with classes a little later in the day) and/or course accommodations such as turning assignments in late when you are not feeling well. Make sure to register for services early and not wait until fall classes begin. (Information for new students will be available on the web.) </p>

<p>Once you are accepted you might also identify medical specialists in NYC and book appointments so that all of your medical records are in place and care is established before you move. This can take several months and may require a couple of days in NYC before you arrive for fall quarter. Also, check insurance policies (your parent's policy and the student medical plan) to make sure that you will have full coverage if you are hospitalized.</p>

<p>Good luck. I hope you receive good news from NYU.</p>


<p>THANK YOU! That was so helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That is such a relief. I qualify for disabilities at high school, so maybe it'll transfer over. Really that insight was an eye opener. </p>

<p>I'll be sure to let you know what happens!</p>

<p>I got in to NYU!</p>