Does Boston COllege Accept Rush SAT SCORES?

<p>Does Boston College Accept Rush SAT SCORES?
and if they don’t… what should I do, just send them regular and hope they recieive?</p>

<p>its okay for SAT scores to come in long as ur app is in on time SAT scores can come takes a while for them to sort things out anyway</p>

<p>i sent my SATs rushed to BC when i applied last year.... apparently it didnt make a difference</p>

<p>I applied EA and i rushed my SAT scores and everything was ok, but i was dumb then and waited till the last min. with my RD apps i was dumb again and waited till the last minuet, but this time i was smart and looked at college websites, the ones that mention it advise AGAINST Rushing scores, as long as you send them at a reasonable time (ealry jan) rushed sccores CANNOT even be processed by some colleges so be careful. just send scors early jan and dont worry bout it</p>