Does brown accept scores that arrive after deadline?

<p>how strict are they about this? collegeboard says that scores arrive 1-2 weeks after an electronic order is placed. i haven’t sent my scores yet…</p>

<p>If Brown stated they would accept the December test dates, then I think you're fine. They need some type of required testing in by the deadline. All later testing can be forwarded to them and put in your file, even after the deadline. The requirement just needs to be fulfilled.</p>

<p>I sent in my scores yesterday. It sucks being an intn'l applicant whose counsellor knows **** :( Of course, it's my responsibility though. I just have no idea how sending in my scores so lately will affect my chances. We'll see.</p>

<p>You're fine! They take all the way up to the january SAT scores, I've spoken with representatives about this. Its true. So no worries.</p>