Does Bucknell give athletic scholarships?

<p>I know that online it says that Bucknell is a non athletic scholarship school, but do they give academic scholarships to athletic recruits just like some D3 schools? Just wondering. </p>


<p>FYI -Bucknell is a member of the Patriot league which is a D1 school ... this reference implies that Bucknell does now give athletic scholarships (Patriot</a> League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). This link (Frequently</a> Asked Questions || Financial Aid || Bucknell University) implies Bucknell gives a limited number of merit scholarships. I'd suggest contacting Bucknell's admission office to get more specific answers.</p>

<p>this is probably more helpful ... Scholarships</a> and Grants || Financial Aid || Bucknell University</p>

<p>Bucknell has given out 13 scholarships in both men's and women's basketball for a number of years. Other than that, there is now money available in other selected sports for the first time - but the money is very limited.</p>

<p>One coach is known for trying to push athletes to commit Early Decision at full pay without athletic scholarship aid. If you want to go there badly and money is no object. Bucknell is over 50,000 a year now.</p>

<p>My son was being recruited for soccer at Bucknell for 2012. The coach never mentioned scholarships other than academic, but with financial aid and my son's SAT scores (1430), he would have been very close to a full scholarship.</p>

<p>The Patriot League has just voted to permit up to 15 football scholarships per school per year, starting in 2013.</p>

<p>Here's the link: Patriot</a> League to Offer Football Scholarships for First Time Starting 2013 - Bloomberg</p>

<p>It's not clear yet how many will offer football scholarships. All schools are permitted to offer athletic scholarships in other sports, but I believe that the number they offer is minimal outside of basketball.</p>