Does Business Graduate School's Count A+ As 4.3?

<p>I am currently attending UC San Diego with a major in Economics and minor in Accounting. I have recently decided to take the CPA route. I got my first A+ ever this quarter in Auditing and I heard my friend recently tell me that for Law Graduate Schools, they count A+ as 4.3 Although I am pretty sure that this is not the same case for Business Graduate Schools, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Just in case it matters, the business graduate schools I was possibly thinking about applying to eventually in the future were schools such as UCLA, USC, and then of course my higher goals are schools like Duke, Berkeley, NYU etc.</p>

<p>It is a school specific answer, but my gut says that an A+ = A = 4.0. In the business school and two other professional schools I was in admissions at, that was the case. I think it is uncommon, but might exist.</p>