Does CB always have this refund policy on Subject Tests?

DD was registered for both June and August Subject Tests and both times they were cancelled. Afterwards I registered her for the December tests. But by now all her target schools have no longer required Subject Tests. So I want to cancel the tests and get a refund.

I spent 10 minutes on the CB site and couldn’t find any way to cancel the tests and get refunds. Eventually, I had to call CB and after a 30 minutes hold, the CB customer rep told me I could get $10 refund (out of $70 registration fee) if I cancel now.

My question is: does CB always have this refund policy? Or is this a money grab when CB revenue is sharply lower after multiple test cancellations this year? IMO it is pretty scummy business practice to take your money and won’t let you get out of it, especially when CB is a non-profit. I would have found this practice much more palatable had CB stated clearly the registration fee is non-refundable like an airline ticket.

CB’s traditional position has been no refund at all. You have only the right to reschedule. However, my understanding during this Covid period is that CB has been refunding the amounts paid if it cancels a test, but you have the option to reset it for a later date. It is also refunding if a student does not take a test actually given because of feeling sick on the test day – it is telling students to stay home if that is the case.

It appears you may fall a little in-between its Covid refund policies, i.e., you did not take the refund when June and August were cancelled, but instead you rescheduled, and your DD has not missed a test actually given because of sickness.

You may want to call and discuss with someone in authority at CB whether a full refund should be given, explaining that it was CB that cancelled the two tests and now it is useless to take one.

You mean something like a page titled SAT Refunds?

“Registrations cannot be refunded later than five days before test day.

Canceled registrations are partially refunded—you’ll get $10 back, whether you were signed up for the SAT or the SAT with Essay.

Refunds are processed beginning six weeks after the test date.
Score reports you ordered with registration are refundable only if you are absent on test day.

Additional score reports may be refunded if orders are canceled within 24 hours and have not been processed or sent.

Rush score reports cannot be refunded.


That is for SAT and does not specify Subject Tests.

However, if this is CB stance for everything it administers by extension, I guess I just have to eat the loss.