Does chcking off financial aid on common app affect admission?


<p>I have the same question. I think my S may have checked financial need when we don’t qualify (he did all his applications himself). Today he was deferred at University of Michigan. I am wondering it that may have a wee bit to do with it.</p>

<p>If you check each school’s admission website you should be able to find out if they’re “need blind” or not. Need blind schools do not factor financial aid into admissions. </p>

<p>Depends on the university. Some schools are “need-blind”, which means the actual application is considered separately from the financial aid process; ie. your need for FA will not deter your admission. Other schools are not, and a high FA may be a contributing factor to a deferral / rejection.</p>

<p>Most schools are need blind. The real issue is that most schools are unable/unwilling to meet any shortfall in FinAid, should they award you something.</p>

<p>Even if you try to increase your chances of getting an “admit” what’s the use if you can’t afford to attend w/o FinAid? This is not an area to gain an advantage, IMHO. Most students apply for FinAid anyway.</p>

<p>@singermom4‌ i was just deferred from Michigan as well, thats why I asked. But myself and other very very qualified friends of mine were deferred as well. I doubt it has to do with FA but I was just wondering</p>

<p>Instate it would not matter for Michigan and I doubt it does for oos students. They would just give you a bill and you decide if you want to pay it. That’s how UC does it.</p>

<p>It really comes into play at need aware schools when the aid budget is getting used up at the end of the cycle. Then they may admit full payers. Or they may admit 6 people who only need 10k each instead of one student needing full aid. They may already have taken the limit of who they can afford to give full aid to.</p>

<p>If you are sure you don’t qualify and are willing to be a full payer, you can always contact the college and tell them, withdraw aid request.</p>

<p>Depending on whether or not the school is need aware or not!</p>

<p>Knowing some kids deferred by UMich, I don’t think applying for fin aid had anything to do with it. From what I’ve been seeing about what has happened this year, UMich is trying to get a handle on their yield, something they’ve had trouble in mastering in the last few years. A lot of OOS high stat kids were deferred that I know, many of whom were accepted to schools more selective. I think that when they notify UMich of ED acceptances, there will be a more manageable pool of applicants for UMich to evaluate and acceptances will be forthcoming for a lot of these deferred students.</p>

<p>Michigan is need blind for in state students only.</p>

<p>Uh, no. They only promise to meet need for in-state students but I believe UMich is need blind for admission.</p>