Does Chem 14CL lab go all the way to the listed end time?

<p>I am enrolled in a 14cl lab that goes from 11-1:45. I am enrolled in another class that is 12:30-2. So my question is, will 14cl lab go all the way until 1:45 or is there a good possibility it will end early? I mean 3 hours...geeezzz. I am going to try to switch my CL lab, but they are all filled right now</p>

<p>Haven't you taken 14BL? Did those labs end over an hour early? If anything, you should prepare for lab classes to run OVER their allotted time....</p>

<p>what? bl labs ended an hour/half an hour early most of the time. i would imagine its the same for cl.</p>

<p>oh. i took the 20/30 series. :p its been a while, but i think most of our labs went the full time, if not over. especially the ochem labs, which is what 14cl is i believe.</p>

<p>but in general i dont think its a very good idea to schedule overlapping classes like that...especially when they overlap by that much.</p>

<p>Some days labs DO go overtime, but other days, you end up getting out about two hours early. It really just depends on how fast you work because its one of those classes where you can leave as soon as you finish your work.</p>