Does class size affect admission?

<p>Hello, </p>

<p>In the college applications, they ask a question about the class rank and class size.</p>

<p>Now, I am from a small international school with approx. 100 students in total and 27 students in my class. </p>

<p>I know that there are schools which have hundreds of students in one class. So, even if my GPA is high and my class rank is good, will my chances of admission be weaker since I am from a small school?</p>

<p>need help here</p>

<p>It all depends on the school. Many private schools are small. While most are not as small as yours, class size of 80-120 is not untypical. I'm familiar with 2 local academic schools with class sizes in the 40-60 range.</p>

<p>Students from the more academic private schools do extremely well when applying to college -- some sending 20-30% to the very top colleges. I can think of several such examples of schools with fewer than 100 students. So if colleges know of your school and the program at your school the size is not a factor.</p>

<p>I guess my school is not so popular (because of its small size).</p>

<p>But it provides the same program as most schools in South Asia (A level). So I think the colleges will be familiar with the program</p>

<p>Unless your school is well known or ultra competitive, your 5/27 rank won't look nearly as good as a 5/300 rank.</p>