Does Cornell look at first quarter grades?

<p>Does Cornell look at first quarter grades when looking at ED candidates like myself? I think grades come out next friday for my school. Thank you.</p>

<p>Probably!! Thats what they ask for a midyear report (or for me and you, a first quarter report) :)</p>

<p>I hope not! :-o At least, not until 2nd quarter is over!!</p>

<p>Well the mid-year report asks that you send grades after your first semester is over, so I wouldn't really worry about first quarter because it doesn't ask for that specifically anywhere. I hope I'm not missing anything.</p>

<p>I called Cornell and they told me that even if you're ED, you have till about Jan/Feb for midyear because I had the same concern.</p>

<p>EA/ED first quarter counts(sorry to those who though you would make it up in the second quarter). For regualr applicants, its first semester. If you did really badly, my piece of advice is to go to your counselor and explain it to her/him, if you have a reason. If your stats were bad before, you'll most likely be rejected. They also look at trends. If your first semester is always lower than your second (summer breakdown) then they'll just expect that from you. i hope this helps</p>

<p>I would think that as long as you have B's in all of your classes (assuming that they are mostly AP or honors), then you will be fine, it is most likely when you drop into the C, C+ range that it becomes risky, and less than C, you will have a lot of explaining to do for why they should keep you.</p>

<p>For Cornell ED, when do we have to submit the Midyear Report? Do we have to submit a 1st Marking Period report card, too?</p>

<p>I believe it's automatic. Your school is mandated to send the report if you've applied ED/EA.</p>

<p>if youre applying early, first marking period grades are NOT sent. (at least my school doesnt.) the only thing they send out is the mid-year report, which is the first two quarters...but you cant send that until the 2nd quarter is over obviously. so the adcom will only see the classes youre taking this year when theyre making their decision.</p>

<p>What do you mean? They definitely need to decide before second quarter ends, unless you guys have a different schedule. Second quarter ends in late january for me. Most EA/ED responses are in mid-December.</p>

<p>My first marking period grades will be available in mid-late November.
My second marking period grades will be available in early February.</p>

<p>So does Cornell REQUIRE first marking period grades for ED or not? I need some documentation...</p>

<p>high schools are required to send a midyear report consisting of BOTH 1st and 2nd quarters in jan, feb , whenever those grades are available..</p>

<p>whether they send in SOLEY your 1st period grades is up to your high school because i asked my gc and hes like, well OUR school only sends the midyear late jan.</p>

<p>so cornell wont be getting my grades in the first quarter. YET.</p>

<p>Ok yes thats the definite answer. For all schools you can choose to send your first quarter grades, if you dont want to then dont. The first semester has to be sent.</p>

<p>Man, I hope my school decides not to send mine.. I'll have to make up a lot in the 2nd quarter..</p>