Does Cornell recalculate financial aid every year?

I’m thinking the answer is yes, but I was hoping for some real-life examples.

The FA offer we got for this year is doable, but if it gets completely recalculated from scratch for each subsequent year, our ‘parent contribution’ will go up significantly due to stock market gains & increased salary in 2020 and 2021. I guess this is inevitable?

I know, for example, that Northeastern & Drexel promise the same amount of financial aid from year to year, regardless of financial changes. I am holding out hope that Cornell does the same.

Also - if DS works a co-op, does that income increase his ‘student contribution’, and therefore decrease financial aid? If so, it feels like we’ll never be able to catch up.


Yes, Cornell will recalculate financial aid and your Cornell Family Contribution each year. March 1 deadline for returning students.
Best to inquire directly with them.

It says only FAFSA needed for returning students , if CSS PROFILE was filed for incoming freshman.

“ Unless specifically requested, you do not need to submit the CSS Profile or additional documentation at the present time. If supporting documentation is needed, you will be notified via your Cornell email and the Student Center To Do List. Please pay close attention to any instructions received from our office and respond as soon as possible.”

Are you a NY state resident?
Yes, if a student earns more in the engineering coop, may be expected to contribute more.

Almost all need-based FA offers are recalculated every year at every college (only Questbridge programs are different, I believe). Merit-based awards can be guaranteed for multiple years. Cornell doesn’t offer any merit-based awards.

Yes, even Northeastern requires returning students to file FAFSA.

And Drexel requires returning students to file FAFSA each year.