Does course difficulty matter in transferring?

<p>I am beginning my first year of college this fall, and I am planning to major in either business or econ.</p>

<p>Just wondering how much, if at all, course difficulty matters in transferring colleges, because I know it matters a lot when applying from high school to college.</p>

<p>Will I stand a better chance if I take a higher level math course or if I take more credits?</p>

<p>Thanks people :)</p>

<p>Well as long as youre not taking jogging and basketweaving courses, you should be fine. Just make the highest grade you can. An A in pre-cal is better than a B in calc.</p>

<p>first year college is usually nothing but 1000 level courses or general ed reqs so i doubt it</p>

<p>any one else with opinions?</p>

<p>What schools are you applying to? Top schools certainly love challenging courseload + high GPA.</p>

<p>Yeah as someone said on here you're first year is mostly going to consist of general education classes or 101 courses. For example at my school even if you scored well on the English placement exam you still have to take ENG 101 and 102.</p>

<p>What you can do is try taking higher level courses. In my case after I take the required ENG 101 & 102 I will be taking American Lit 1. I'll most likely follow that with American Lit 2. I'll do the same with Western Civ. After I finish I'll continue with Western Civ II. You can do the same with math. For example after taking Calc I just don't stop there continue with Calc II even if you only need Calc I.</p>

<p>I feel this show admissions committee that you've challenged yourself and rather than having a 4.0 with Art, Intro to Computers, etc, etc you are actually taking a demanding course load.</p>

<p>The most important thing is taking the most difficult class you can make an A in</p>

<p>Also, take something that will transfer over, not Women in the Civil War Honors haha</p>

<p>Course rigor always counts. That said, colleges recognize that most college fr take lower level coursework. But say if you got AP credit for Chem, taking Orgo and doing well in it would show that you are challenging yourself more than taking Intro Chem.</p>