Does Dayton University offer full scholarschips or a great financial aid for international students

My ACT is 29 ( with 35 on math portion) and my GPA is 4. I have great extracurricular activities and good Recommendation letters.
What are my chances to get in and get a good fund from the university? I can’t pay more than 4K per year. Do the university give full financial aid to the students who are eligible for financial aid? I am international student.

The cost of tuition at the University of Dayton is $40,940. the total cost of attendance is $60, 235 year

their largest scholarship for international students is $80,000 (20,000 per year)

If you can only afford to pay $4,000 then this a financially feasible option for you because you will have to show proof of he ability to finance your education as part of the admissions process.

Also keep in mind the international pool is very competitive, even more so for top schools that meet 100% demonstrated need for international students and schools that offer big merit money to international students. Unfortunately, a 29 will be a challenge in making you a competitive applicant for full tuition along with room and board

No, they don’t. With a 29 ACT, you are likely not competitive for schools where you would receive full aid.