Does Dickinson College have any name recognition?

Hi all!

I was accepted to D-son early action, and I’m very interested in attending, however, I’m wondering if they name carries much, if any weight when it comes to applying for jobs and such? It seems like there’s a great education and their awards and Fulbright scholars are very compelling, however, anytime I tell someone I might be attending, they ask where the school is and what it is? What do y’all think?

Great question. Depends in part upon what you intend to do after graduation. The best way to gauge Dickinson’s appeal to employers is to ask their career services or placement office which companies interview on campus.

Here is 2018 senior destination report. Prior years are on the website too. I am sure the career center could also give you more details.

I expect Dickinson is more well known on the east coast than west coast, but one can certainly get a great education there.

IMHO, I recommend not worrying much about name recognition. Go to the school the best fit for you, where you’ll get a great education. Sure, the “famously good” schools might get you a blip in hiring, but it’s minor. I’ve hired in the software and entertainment industries, and there are many far more important things on a resume than the name of a school, as long as it’s a solid school (which Dickinson clearly is).

For what it’s worth, most people have not heard of Swarthmore or Amherst or Williams either. LACs are not generally as well known as maybe 5 or 10 university names, regardless of underlying quality of education. We know a handful of Dickinson grads who have all readily found work in business etc. before graduation.

Agree, I can’t think of any LACs that have huge name recognition. My D, her husband, and all of her friends from Dickinson are gainfully employed and seem happy that they picked it. I think Dickinson is a little more practical than many LACs in preparing students for the workforce, too. Bottom line - your college name isn’t nearly the most important thing post-college for getting most jobs or for career progression.