Does Drexel ever reject overqualified applicants?

<p>Does Drexel ever reject applicants because their SAT scores or something else is way above their 50% range? In this situation would it help or hurt that the applicant is a legacy?</p>

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<p>I doubt they'd reject you for being too overqualified; that doesn't make any sense. If the applicant is a legacy, they'd probably have a higher chance of getting in regardless of how qualified they are, since they'd be more likely to go to the school.</p>

<p>Ok, I was just worried about Tufts Syndrome. Like a college rejecting someone because they think they will get accepted to better schools and won't go to that one</p>

<p>Being a legacy is a qualification that generally increases ones chance of being accepted - and that is partly because they assume legacies are more likely to attend. So if you are an exceptional student AND a legacy, neither will hurt you. Drexel seems to really like their legacies - I'm sure you know about the $3K scholarship!</p>