Does dropping of spring 2012 course largely affects my chances of being admitted?

<p>I am a senior college student. I had submitted the UC transfer application for Fall 2012, including the latest TAU in which I had post the course I planned to attend for spring 2012. I had completed 61.5 semester units of UC transferable courses. My current GPA is 3.30; the schools I applied are Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Riverside</p>

<p>My major is Electrical engineering.Since I had already completed all the major required courses that my college can offer, I add only one chemistry course, which is not my major required course, for spring 2012 before transfer—that is the only course I am having.
2 weeks after attending the class, I find myself extremely uncomfortable dealing with this instructor, so I start to wonder if it is safe to drop this course before it is too late.</p>

<p>If you have 61.5 units then you are a Junior college student, not a Senior. Anyways, unless you are not trying to go for IGETC (and need the chem for the physical science) and it's not a major pre-req, I don't see a problem in you dropping it. It's always best to just call up an admissions officer and explain what's going on if you decide to drop or want their input.</p>

<p>Thank you. I definitely will report the spring course dropping to each school I applied.
The only concern I am having right now is that, since I drop the only course I am taking for spring 2012 semester, I will have no class and work full time for spring 2012. Does it matter very much to UC's consideration?</p>

<p>If you have everything needed to transfer done by fall, then the UC's don't care if you take a semester off. They'll probably just ask you about your gap in education at some point, and you would respond with the full time job.</p>

<p>thank you Jdom.</p>