Does Duke Like "Offbeat Essays?"

<p>For those of you already accepted to Duke, were your essays more pragmatic and simple or complex and creative? I've already taken the creative approach, but I'm curious as to whether it will help me or not.</p>

<p>essays are very important in elite college admissions, and yes a creative one is better than a "pragmatic" one pretty much all the time. Simple, however, is not always bad; sometimes trying to fit something too complex onto one page doesn't turn out well. Simple enough so that the adcom doesn't have to read it two or three times just to fully understand it, but also creative enough to keep him or her awake is a good combination... Usually unless you have some real-life event or situation that is really interesting that you can just describe, you have to be creative with these essays. But yes, an "offbeat essay," as long as it's not offensive, is more likely to catch an admissions officer's attention than a more traditional one. Both types can be successful though.</p>

<p>Have someone else read it (a total, college-educated stranger is preferrable), and if they find it creative, then it works.</p>