Does ED II help at Wesleyan? + Financial Aid Questions

Wesleyan has been at the top of my list for a while now (in part due to its film program), but I had eliminated the option of applying ED anywhere because I need significant financial aid. However after running the net price calculator with my mom, it seems like Wesleyan is a feasible option as long as the FA offer is close to the predicted offer. It generated a number even better than Vassar’s, which I was surprised by as I thought Vassar was known for being particularly generous towards low income students.
My question is, will applying ED II boost my chances of getting into Wes at all? It is my top choice and if I get in (given enough aid) I will definitely attend, but I’m not sure if its worth applying ED if the second round doesn’t give much of a boost anyways, as then I won’t be able to compare my offers from other schools. Basically I’m trying to figure out if my chances are roughly the same in ED II and RD, or if it will benefit me significantly to apply ED II.
Also, does anyone have experience with Wes’s financial aid (in terms of how good it is and how accurately it matches the NPC)? My parent’s are separated so I calculated each of them and added together as advised, but I’m not sure if this impacts the accuracy of the offer.

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I would wait for RD. It’s never been proven beyond a doubt that either ED I or II are particularly advantageous over RD. EDI has a lot hooked kids whereas EDII has a lot of HYPMS rejects (nothing to be ashamed of btw; some of my best friends are HYPMS rejects!) So, the competition is apt to be stiff either way. Add that to your parental custody situation (some schools require both parents information, and a small number do not) and it just sounds like RD is the way to go.

thank you for your response! that makes sense, i know the competition is pretty cutthroat either way, this year especially. i guess i was hoping that applying ED II might make up for the low math sat scores i stupidly sent (which my last post on this forum was concerning) and show that wes is truly my first choice – although i suppose applying ED I would have been more successful in showing that lol. at this point i have no clue what im going to do. if i were to apply ED II, do you think it could hurt me? or would it just have a negligible effect on my outcome altogether?

ED 2 will offer a slight admissions advantage at Wesleyan based upon the last 2 years of data. Based upon this year’s ED1 results, ED2 will offer at least a slight admissions advantage for you. Although I am reasonably sure of this fact, I would prefer not to comment on the financial situation. My gut is that you will be fine, but have no facts to back that up.

thank you, i definitely hope so!

Do you have stepparents? IF yes, their income and assets will also be taken into consideration.

Are both of your parents on board with paying the cost of attend Wesleyan?

You are going to get one EFC. The school does not care who pays as long as it is paid.

Remember this is a 4-year commitment.

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no, i do not have stepparents. my parents have been separated (though not legally divorced) for about 7 years, but my brother and i live with my mother who makes slightly more. both of my parents make under 55k, and we live in NYC where cost of living is significantly greater than a lot of other places, though im not sure if this is factored in? based on wesleyan’s financial aid calculator, and after grants/work study, my mom would pay around 6k and my dad around 1.2k, and this is do-able. im just hoping that when they calculate my actual offer, it won’t be significantly higher after they “combine” my parents assets/incomes

Unfortunately the net price will not be accurate in your situation.

Is there alimony/child support payments involved?
Does either one of your parents own their primary residence?
there are a lot more questions to be asked. The information that you get from the net price calculator is only going to be as good to the extent you know your parents FULL financial situation

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no child support or anything, my moms pays for pretty much everything, and both of them rent apartments. do you think the number will be significantly greater to the point where applying ED isnt even worth it? wes is definitely my #1 school so im trying to make my odds the best they can be, but i obviously dont want me or my parents taking on significant debt. i heard that i can appeal the financial aid decision if its too low?

Wes is very straight forward and they really tow the line when it comes to appealing financial aid. Unless there are some really extenuating circumstances to your family situation, do not expect them to deviate from the financial aid package that the school will offer.

Have a serious talk with your parents regarding how much they can afford to pay for you to attend Wesleyan.

[quote= Wesleyan]

Typically, requests for reconsideration are as a result of a change/loss in parental income or significant unreimbursed medical expenses. While these are not the only areas that warrant reconsideration, Wesleyan will only address special circumstances that affect a family’s ability to contribute; not their willingness.

Items such as credit card debt, weddings, car/mortgage payments, etc. are not considered special circumstances that would be reviewed.

Wesleyan does not “negotiate” financial aid awards nor do we match financial aid awards offered by other institutions.[/quote]

If you feel that ED is the best opportunity to shoot your shot, then go for it. but be prepared to walk away if the money does not work.

very well, i think i’m just going to go for it and hope for the best. thank you for your help!!

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