Does every STEM class factor into my major GPA?

I have a C in pre-calc from my very first semester at CC… would this be factored into my major GPA despite it not being considered a transfer requirement anywhere?

If the course is UC transferable, then yes it would be factored into your UC GPA. If not, then No. Check

every class you take that is transferable will be part of your gpa

They do mention checking the GPA of “all transferable courses in a UC Transfer Pathway or in major perquisites.” (3rd bullet point under “Factors we consider”). Would this still include courses that aren’t required for admissions such as pre-calc?

To be more specific, would courses like these be included in the “Major GPA” that they calculate?

If Pre-Calc is a UC transferable course then it would be calculated into your UC GPA. If not required for your Major, then it would not be in your major GPA.

Check for UC transferability.

Alright, so it won’t factor into my major GPA. Thanks, thats good to know.