Does everyone have this access?

<p>So I was hunting around on the applicant status page and I found that my id and pin gave me access to all restricted Brown Community websites including registration, financial aid etc. all of which show my name and a student number on the top. I also have access to Brown research papers and a directory page which says, “this is how your information appears on the Brown Directory”. Does everyone has this access?</p>

<p>i do not. i can access my application status and that is it.</p>

<p>same... Do you mean on that application status page that there is somewhere else you can go?</p>

<p>When you go to the page to activate your account and click on logon into the area for students (rather than applicants) it gives me access to everything. Also happens if I go to the home webpage and click on the "my account" section at the bottom of the page. Pretty well everywhere I check gives me this student access. Do you think it could possibly mean anything?</p>

<p>I think all applicants can - I just asked my son to check the main webpage "my account" and he could access everything. Unfortunately, this does not mean anything. Good luck everyone.</p>

<p>i don't even have the option to click on "my account"</p>

<p>I was able to access the My Account page with my user and pin also...about the application data missing, I applied early and about a week or two after they had recieved all of the parts of my application the information went away... I don't think that all of this means anything though... all we can do is wait.</p>

<p>5757 - Go this this site, go to the bottom right, and you will see "my account."</p>

<p>Brown</a> University</p>

<p>And then enter the same username and password (or whatever they're called).</p>

<p>oo i got it too</p>

<p>oh cool! I can log in too.</p>

<p>same here, i can log in</p>


<p>On another thread someone pointed to this same discussion from last year</p>

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<p>It seems as though the status changes are meaningless. Oh well. Only two more weeks. Good luck everyone.</p>

<p>thanks mountain, i can log on and go under directory search, my info, change password, and cis homepage. i can't go on world view and brown view.</p>

<p>I noticed I could access this page shortly after I submitted all my application, materials, etc. I'm sure it means nothing, but it is certainly cool to be able to access that.</p>

<p>if this many people are able to access this on CC alone I doubt it has any signifigant meaning...Darn!</p>

<p>i like how post 13 was ignored</p>




<p>On a couple of other boards the suspicions about "signs" actually seemed to have some validity (Cornell and Boston College). It's pretty clear that there are no signs coming from Brown through the status page. Less than two weeks...</p>