Does experience count?

<p>Well, I am auditioning for the musical theater department and I am beginning to get really nervous. I am a great musician and I have been singing since an early age, but not in theater. In reality, I barely have any experience in musical theater except some tiny shows in middle school. I didn’t do any productions in high school until this year. My dancing isn’t really that great either, but my dance teacher says I show a lot of potential and I pick things up very quickly. I am nervous because the only things on my resume will be honor choirs and choral music.</p>

<p>So my question is, how much does experience count? If I go in there and really do the audition perfectly, do I have a good chance of making it? I am really nervous because Pace is my dream school and I have just come to realize my love of theater this year. I’m scared that I’m too late.</p>

<p>Ultimately, it will be about your audition! If you show a potential for growth and/or a proficiency for understanding music and text, than you will be leaps ahead of other students with loaded resumes but disconnected performances. Believe in yourself and break a leg :)</p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>One more thing. The dance audition. Since I'm a late bloomer I guess you could say, I have very little experience in dance. For the last two months I have been taking dance classes for normal theater dance styles like jazz and such. Though I'm sure this is not enough compared to the other people who will be auditioning. I can pick up dance really quickly, my dance coach told me so. Though I can't help but be nervous because of it. I know I will probably do badly in the dance audition. Compared to the voice and monologue audition, how much does the dance audition count? I know a lot of schools, like Ithaca, don't even have a dance audition.</p>

<p>Just put a lot of energy and attitude into your dance audition and your lack of dance training will not hurt. It will only hurt your "score" if you are negative and don't put in your best try!</p>

<p>If we have not been in any musical theatre shows, what should we put on our resume for shows? Should we include choir or other music performances? Or even dance performances/recitals?</p>