Does Federal Work Study pays for only some of your tuition?

Is it only you used help for tuition to be paid? If you get 2,000 dollars for work study, is that the only amount you get? Or do they mean that’s the amount they give for your tuition to be paid from federal work study and anything else higher than that from work study can’t help pay your tuition. it’s only 2,000. Does that make sense?

You don’t get the money in advance. You get paid in the same manner you would a regular job… usually every other week. You can use the funds for basic living expenses or books or save it to help with tuition the next semester or year.

There will be certain jobs on campus that are getting federal funds to employ qualified students. Once you hit your limit, you can still earn money in a non work study position.

It does not pay your tuition. If you received $2000 in work study it means you are eligible to work for up to $2000. You have to get a campus job and work for it. It would be better to count on it to help pay for second semester or for personal expenses and travel home. The advantage is that it is not taxed and it subsidizes the employer. They are giving you a job and benefit from your labor and the government reimburses them. You can always work and earn more than $2000 but the employer will be paying you from their own budget. If you start school and don’t get a work study job the offer is withdrawn after a couple of months and you can’t get it back. Most people start out working in the cafeteria and find other jobs on campus later. Sometimes there are off campus work study jobs working for non profits. You likely won’t be able to find them before school starts.

A $2,000 award means the student has an opportunity to earn $1,000 in the fall and $1000 in the spring. They have to apply for jobs. If they get one, they work and get paid as they work. They can work 8-10 hours/week depending on their class year. My son uses his for personal expenses and spending money.

It’s taxed. Federal and state income taxes. It’s exempt from FICA, which would only be a small amount. There are two advantages to a work-study job.

  1. Employers who have work-study funds prefer to employ you instead of a non-work-study student. So it may be easier to get a job.
  2. The income is not figured into your FA eligibility for the following year.