does Fin Aid hurt chances?

<p>THEY SAY it doesnt.. but i dont know.. im a little bit skeptical about that. they care about money so much.. like alumni givings and such.. what do you guys think? any examples to support?</p>

<p>I don't think people who need fin aid actually have a choice. They need the money, so even if it hurt chances (which I really don't think it does) what are they gonna do? Take out a $120,000 loan?</p>

<p>oh no... pls tell me they're really need-blind. i need A LOT OF financial aid (i'm a foreign student and my parents' annual combined salary is even less than $10000). is it possible that they offer a place without financial aid or with reduced financial aid (okay, maybe not, as they said "meet demonstrated need") arrghh... i don't want to get deferred/rejected just because i don't have money...</p>

<p>i don't know about hurting your chances, but i do know Pton has no loans :)</p>

<p>No, it definitely doesn't hurt your chances, at least at Princeton. Now, it might affect you at other, not-as-well-endowed institutions. But one of the reasons alumni donate money in the first place is so that Princeton can take the best applicants regardless of need.</p>

<p>Needing allot of financial aid certainly DOES hurt your chances at a private school. The fact is, the more aid you require the more your chances are reduced. A private school has only so much in aid funds to give out each year. If too many admitted people need too much aid the school would not be able to cover its expenses and thus lose money. And if the practice were continued the school would eventually go into bankruptcy. (Not good for students or staff).</p>

<p>Basic economics always trumps hype.</p>

<p>toblin, we are talking about princeton here, filthy rich. do you have any other reasons?</p>

<p>I have no reason to doubt that Princeton both desires and can afford to admit qualified students without regard to their financial need. It will still get some highly qualified applicants who(se parents) are happy to pay full price to be at Princeton, and it wants to have people on campus who really make a positive difference. Getting in is hardly a sure thing, but I don't believe needing financial aid makes the admission chances any worse at a school with such a large endowment and such loyal alumni.</p>

<p>Exactly. Princeton is a top-ranked financial aid institution. There's no reason to worry about the need for financial aid hurting your admissions chances. You can't change the fact if you need financial aid, so just go for it.</p>

<p>ok thanks... i'm a bit relieved now... thanks everyone!</p>