Does FIT give near full ride scholarship for international students?

I am an international student requiring a lot of aid. What is the maximum aid they provide for international students?

It seemed when I was a grad student that most international students had funding from their government, funding from a company back in their country, or they came from wealthy families. It might be different for undergrads.

There are 2 full ride undergrad scholarships at FIT. The Farmers scholarship is given to 2 Florida residents each year. They haven’t announced the details about the other one yet since it’s new, but I’d guess it’s going to be limited to Florida or US residents.

If you do get accepted and you qualify for a scholarship, you’ll receive notice of the scholarship along with the acceptance letter.

FULL scholarships? No. There is the Farmer which is limited to graduates of a Florida high school and includes everything - tuition, fees, room and board, books. There are, I believe, 3 levels of the merit scholarships and I think for this year they are $15000, $20,000 and about $25000. With tuition being almost $40k, that’s not even tuition.

I don’t know what need based financial aid is available to internationals, but the financial aid office would answer those questions.

Thanks @twoinanddone,

Nope the maximum they give are half tuition scholarships to intl students