Does FSU inflate applicant's gpa?

<p>From my high school (OOS) the average accepted GPA for FSU is a 3.55 and a 27 ACT with 60% accepted. I was looking at the website and it says the average gpa is a 3.7 to 4.3 for applicants. I don't think my school deflates GPA's either, all honors and AP's are on a 5.0 scale, accel on a 4.5 and regular on a 4.0. So, does FSU recalculate GPAs?</p>

<p>yes they do recalculate gap’s to obtain your “FSU GPA”</p>


<p>They don’t inflate them anymore than offering 0.5 point boosts for honors level classes and 1.0 point boosts for AP/IB/Dual Enrollment level classes. That’s what most schools/school districts do.</p>

<p>If you’re talking about GPA inflation like Hillsborough County, FL does (where valedictorian GPAs are 9+)… no. Not at all. </p>

<p>You’ll be impacted like we were. The accelerated weighting that you have on your transcript will NOT carry over to th FSU recalculation. Only honors courses get the half point, and the drop down menu would not allow for accelerated courses. So a B in accelerated math remains a 3.0, and does not become the 3.5 that it may be on the high school transcript.</p>

<p>@Newtownunit‌ That’s a little rough to hear since my school does not allow AP’s as a Freshman and only a few as a sophomore and my schedule was mostly full of accel courses during those years</p>