does Geneseo has a big name outside NY?

<p>basically, i'm looking for internship and job opportunities outside NY....</p>

<p>What is your intended major? Geneseo is well known in the world of academia but has more of a regional reputation. Great school though! Job opportunities will be based on what you do in college including your grades, internships, volunteer work, student leadership activities etc. Geneseo has a pretty active Alumni association across the country which helps...where do you plan to land?</p>

<p>I'm thinking of that problem too....
How's SUNY Geneseo's name outside US or in the American west/south?
(I'm an international student)
It seems it's not as well-known as Binghamton or Stony brook, even thought Geneseo's academics is on-par with Bing's</p>

<p>I don't think most people outside of the US know what SUNYs even are haha, or maybe I have a wrong perception on that. Geneseo's a great school that's gaining in popularity, but when I started my college search I had never heard of it while Stony & Bing were very familiar to me.</p>

<p>Not sure if I'm being helpful or not...</p>

<p>I live in California, near San Francisco and I have never heard of that school. Maybe others have, I haven't heard of it until I clicked on this thread though.</p>

<p>Good Luck. :)</p>

<p>well, i applied as undecided major, but leaning on either international relations or economics</p>

<p>since i'm from Arizona(I moved there 3 years ago from Italy), i plan to go back to Arizona or some nearby states(such as California) to work after i graduate
is it not a good idea to study in Geneseo if i don't plan to work in NY or surrounding areas?</p>

<p>also, i plan to go to grad school in schools in the south in the future, such as Rice, Vanderbilt and U of Miami, does Geneseo has a reputable name for those schools?</p>

<p>"dmurph" recently posted this in another thread - I thought it might be useful since it addresses both Economics and IR. </p>

<p>"Both the IR and Economics departments are amazing at Geneseo, both in different ways. The economics program is very small, which means you have the complete attention of the economics professors, and also you get to become really close with all the other economics majors. Because econ is so difficult, nightly study groups become the norm for you and your classmates, and you become really close with them while you help eachother in succeeding on the next intermediate micro test Also as I mentioned before, the Fed Challenge is a a great economics competition that Geneseo participates in, and Geneseo always comes out near the top of the country. In 2007 I even met Ben Bernanke in DC as we were competing against Harvard and Northwestern for top in the country.</p>

<p>The IR program is bigger, but no less good. I was challenged, particularly in the upperlevel courses, and the major gives you enough flexibility to follow your interests. For example, I did Global Political Economy, which allowed me to count some upper-level econ courses for my IR degree. My internship at the Department of Commerce also counted in this major. The professors are great, and I went with one of them to Russia with some other students in the summer after my freshman year.</p>

<p>As I wrote before, the top grad schools see Geneseo in the same light as schools like NYU, which you mentioned. I have gotten accepted to the following since graduation: Tufts Fletcher School, Johns Hopkins SAIS, George Washington's Elliott School, and Georgetown's Walsh School. If you know anything about these programs, you know they are the top in the country for graduate work in international relations"</p>

<p>is there any serious grade inflation problem in geneseo?
is it hard to maintain a good gpa? (such as 3.5+)</p>

<p>it would be great if any current student can help
because almost nobody has ever heard about geneseo in my area :(</p>

<p>Definitely local/regional. Only a couple of SUNYs carry their name beyond the area like SB and Bing. Doesn't mean it isn't a good school or anything.</p>

<p>Its almost unheard of in the USA. Geneseo is a really small and not too great of a school. Ranked pretty high on best value but overall, its a pretty crap place. However, Stony Brook and Binghamton are much more well known and offer more competitive degrees than Geneseo. Good Luck!</p>

<p>I think rawrcookie is a paid binghamton operative trying to trick people into not going to geneseo. Almost unheard of in the US? Maybe if you're only talking to idiots. If you're talking to either grad school admissions people or anyone who hires people Geneseo is well known although obviously more-so in region. Geneseo is a top tier SUNY with Binghamton. SBU isn't top tier, it's second tier. Still good, but if you can get into Geneseo you shouldn't be going to Stony unless you're from LI and want to commute to save money.</p>

<p>Again, most people have never heard of Geneseo excpet probably in academia and certain fields. And most people are not idiots; just isn't generally well known. But researching the school it looks to be a very good value considering who gets in and the low cost. Like any other school, much depends on your specific course of study. SBU is not second tier in the sciences for example and would be much better than Geneseo. Conversely Geneseo beats SBU in other fields quite handily. I have no idea how Geneseo rates in IR but as a GWU Ellicott School graduate, we had students come in from a wide variety of undergrad programs so I'm sure Geneseo has their share.</p>

<p>"I think rawrcookie is a paid binghamton operative trying to trick people into not going to geneseo" - LOL! I just cracked up out loud, literally</p>

<p>And as to your inquiry - its very well known in academia, and actually better respected than the "equal" binghampton because bing grads lack the personal growth one gains from a more intimate, challenging learning environment. if you dont go to grad school and are looking for work outside ny, then I believe you would run into problems. However, technically Geneseo is more selective than UF and they'd be lucky to have any of our grads! Private southern schools, while competitive, would also be fortunate to have a Geneseo grad with deccent grades, work/research experience and promise.</p>