Does Geneseo require or encourage interviews?

<p>I am unable to find information about interviews at Geneseo. Do they offer them? How about for ED is it recommended?</p>


<p>Geneseo does not require interviews, but offers them as more of an opportunity for the student to ask the ad-com particular questions in a one on one manner.</p>

<p>According to Geneseo, interviews don't affect the admission decision, but I believe that if a student is borderline, the ad-com will remember the fact that the student took the time out of his or her day to visit with them. This shows student interest which IS a small factor in admission.</p>

<p>If you are setting up a visit, I say that you schedule an interview too. It can't hurt.</p>

<p>I agree with sean. We visited this summer and got a similar message--we're here if you want to ask questions but it won't help because we don't have a staff large enough to accomodate everyone if we required an interview. OTOH, unless you present poorly or get interview fright, it could not hurt to make an impression. I'd say you're better off trying to squeeze it in during the summer because they probably get busy visiting high schools in the fall.</p>