Does getting an email about Presidential Scholars mean anything?

I know a couple years ago when they sent out this email it said something about how the person was nominated, but there’s nothing about that in this year’s. I just got the email and was wondering it everyone gets it or if it means I’ve got a better chance at an acceptance. Does anyone know anything about that?

I also got the email. I have no idea if it means anything though.

I got that email as well and filled out the form, not sure if its a sign of admission though.

Also received this email. I think it’s basically a likely letter

Does anyone know if ED admits ever receive a Presidential Scholarship? Or is that only used for RD applicants?

My D received this email as well. Is it really a likely letter or do they send it to all RD applicants? Would be nice to know!

@gardenstategal ?

I wish I knew the answer! I know that these scholarships are typically awarded to high achieving students, so I think if you were nominated, it’s a good sign. But without knowing what’s in the email, it’s hard to know if it’s a nomination or something else.

I believe that someone who was admitted ED can get this scholarship (which is for research). I say that because there are some athletes who have them, and I am assuming some were recruited and ED.

But it’s all speculation on my part…

did any ED admits receive this email?

My son has not received ‘this’ email. I wonder why. I suppose they don’t send it to everyone. Therefore it does mean that those who have received the email are more than likely to at least be offered admission.

The Colby website states, “Every applicant to Colby is considered for the Presidential Scholars Program.” and “Colby’s Presidential Scholars Program offers several benefits to the top students in each incoming class…”

I wonder how they determine “top students”. My son has 36 on the ACT, 1560 on SAT, 800 in Math II and 800 in Physics Subject Tests. He has 42/42 in IB with 4 HL’s (only 3 are required for the diploma). His school does not rank, but they have placed him in the top 99 percentile.

@OverseasFather , your son may be being considered but as he’s already admitted, there’s nothing for you to do. For those who are in the RD round, this might serve as a “don’t say yes to anyone else quite yet” notice.

My son got this email. Everything I have read says this is a likely letter.


Email text,


The Presidential Scholars Program in the Social Sciences offers a select group of students the opportunity to conduct research alongside world-class scholars and teachers, funding to design individual projects, and the chance to participate in activities offered exclusively to Presidential Scholars.

In their first year, Presidential Scholars are offered paid Colby Academic Research Assistant (CARA) positions, which pair them with a professor on a research project of mutual interest, with the option to renew this position in their sophomore year. Additionally, Scholars have exclusive access to Opportunity Grants of up to $3,000 for independent research, internships, or humanitarian projects. These opportunities span the curriculum, provide a catalyst for making a significant impact in the world, and help prepare Social Science Scholars for advanced independent study, honors theses, and a variety of professional and educational pathways after graduation.

Colby is a leader in the exploration of society’s most pressing questions, with centers and institutes that support the work of Presidential Scholars and faculty in the social sciences. The Goldfarb Center of Public Affairs hosts events with innovative leaders and politicians, sponsors research and internships, and inspires active citizenship and exploration of creative, interdisciplinary approaches to complex challenges. Additionally, the Oak Institute for Human Rights hosts a front-line human rights activist on campus each year to engage with members of the community, works with students to generate fieldwork opportunities that build the tools needed to advance human rights advocacy around the world, and engages community members in human rights work through civic engagement projects, internships, events, art, and activism.

To be considered for this program, we ask that you review the tentative list of CARA projects for the Class of 2024 and indicate your project interest by Sunday, February 23.

Please note: The Presidential Scholar selection process is entirely separate from Colby’s holistic admissions application review. In the coming weeks your application will be closely reviewed by our admissions committee, and you will receive your admission decision by April 1.

We look forward to learning more about you.

yes I got this… after diving deeper I looked at those who got it last year on CC and they were all admitted RD

I would be surprised if someone got this letter and was not admitted.

I did see at least one case last year in which an applicant did not receive this letter but was still accepted, so anyone not receiving the letter shouldn’t despair.

Most of the people accepted in the RD round will not receive this e-mail.

So what does the email indicate? Automatic acceptance? Top applicant? Any insight on this?

My guess, and it is that -a guess – is that you are as top applicant who might be interested in this opportunity. You are likely to be accepted.

But there are probably other top applicants who may not be candidates for this program because of different interests. So if you didn’t hear anything, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a top applicant nor that you won’t be accepted.