Does Grammatix: Ace the SAT really work?

<p>Michael Barrett seems like such a convincing guy.
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<p>someone gave me the grammatix stuff and i thought it was helpful. it teaches more about how to approach and take the test than anything else. i thought the essay section was very helpful. that is is the only part i really read. i went from an 8 to an 11. i never knew you could make stories up on the essay sec. anyways, i did that twice and i got a 10 and an 11. when i didnt, i got an 8.</p>

<p>Anyone else? Thanks.</p>

<p>I recent signed up on the AceTheLSAT website, and Michael Barrett does a good job of breaking down the LSAT. I'm taking the test (for the THIRD time) in December, and If I can do better than a 142, I'll know it works! So far, so good.</p>

<p>Michael Barrett shows how to break down a standardized test without the weeks or months of taking a traditional Prep Course. No, I don't work for him...I'm signed up to do the LSAT in December, and I think he has the right idea.</p>

<p>Mike Barrett seems to have cut all connections to his Grammatix Guide. He doesn't sell or mention it on any parts of his website.</p>

<p>where can you buy they book? i heard if you ask for mailing, it never arrives, but they say it's good prep material. Where can i get it? I can't find it on</p>

<p>Having read it, it's not AMAZING or anything. Any book that claims to have shortcuts is usually exaggerating. Books can give tricks and strategies but following Xiggi is probably the best thing to do.</p>

<p>Grammatix basically covers a strict outline to follow for the essay, the types of CR questions and how to approach the section by not reading the passage (I don't agree with it but whatever) and the math is...well...just some concept review.</p>

<p>If you're doing 2000+ its practically useless.</p>

<p>My daughter used to say that the SAT was so difficult; back then she was getting about 2100. After using Grammatix, she told me that the SAT was easy -- after all, there's only one right answer to a question -- and she ended up with a 2300. I'm definitely a fan.</p>