Does gym affect cumulative GPA?

I was thinking about waiving my gym class this year, and I saw that there were lots of mixed answers on whether or not colleges count gym in the GPA calculation. Will it affect my cumulative GPA if I waive it? Or does it all just depend on the university? If it helps, the university I specifically have in mind is U-Mich Ann Arbor.

I don’t know about UM in particular, but most schools will recalculate your GPA without non-academic classes (PE, Health etc.) If you have the opportunity to take an academic class, even if an elective (art, music, career & technical education etc.) over PE AND you can get a good grade in the class, IMO do it.

My son’s school had the ability to take an academic class over PE if you join a sports team. Very few Juniors /Seniors took a gym class.