Does Harvey Mudd offer BME?

I want to major in biomedical engineering in college, and I’m planning on applying to HMC RD. HMC only offers “engineering” as a major on the common app so I wasn’t sure what exactly that entailed.
I checked their site and can’t seem to find BME listed anywhere. My counsellor hadn’t told me about this so I assumed they double checked and found my major. I’m currently in the middle of the application and writing the “Why HMC” essay but I need to be sure that I’ll get to study BME under some capacity. Does anyone know if it is an option there?

HMC has an “intro to BME” class open to Juniors. It does not have a BME “major”.

You might find this interesting:


Interesting read. Reading the comments associated with the article gives even more perspective. It would be interesting to hear from more recent BME grads to know what they are experiencing.

Harvey Mudd biomedical offerings seem to follow the suggestions of the article.

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You can use IPEDS to view how Harvey Mudd distributes by majors chosen: College Navigator - Harvey Mudd College. Note that all of HMC’s engineering majors are “general engineering” majors.

For comparison, this is the distribution for Bucknell, which offers a different approach: College Navigator - Bucknell University.

Hmm I see. Thanks for the link, it’s very interesting. I do understand BME is a really broad field, which is why I intended to test out the branches and then choose one to specialise in eventually, which I suppose addresses the conundrum of not being knowledgeable enough in a particular field (I hope)

I’d love to hear from more BME grads, yeah

So when you graduate from HMC, do you graduate with a degree in “general engineering” or a particular field you choose to focus on later?

You would earn a B.S. in engineering from HMC. “General engineering” is a term that IPEDS happens to use to describe programs of this type.

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