Does Having a Parent who Didn't graduate Help?

<p>If I indicated that my mother attended Cornell, but didn't graduate due to a transfer, will that still help me in any way for admission? </p>

<p>Cornell’s supplement:

I think the answer is Yes.</p>

<p>Yes, I did check yes for that. But then it asks if they earned a degree, which I had to say no to, so back to my question, does no degree still help? </p>

<p>they probably wont even notice </p>

<p>No! Why would it? You need to start using that valuable asset that will be tested when you go to college-your brain. Why in the world would having a parent who was admitted to Cornell but left help you out? She left? She may endorse your leaving too. They don’t want to invite people likely not to graduate. It hurts their stats and it’s not good for you either. So, nope. It would be better not to mention it. People saying otherwise are not doing you any favors.</p>

<p>I disagree with @lostaccount. The adcoms don’t know the extenuating circumstances surrounding a parent not graduating due to a transfer: money/tuition problems that could not be worked out favorably; family issues for which the student needed to be closer to home; medical reasons etc. There are hosts of reasons. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.</p>

<p>@jamesjunkers, If you have already sent the app ED, does it really matter? It will likely not be the sole reason why you ultimately get accepted, rejected, or deferred.</p>