Does Hendrix College have studetns that are hippie, chill, and nice

I just want to know so i can find my niche there I want to go to this school since i hear it is good academically but i just want to know if this school has these kinds of people

Yes! Very much so. Almost all of the students there are very liberal and they have quite a few of what you would cal “hippie”. There are a variety of people but I would say the general stereotype is intelligent, hippie liberals who like to party.

Hendrix is my top choice right now. Do you think you will be attending in the fall?

Yes I plan on going there. Its my top choice also I just think this college would be great for me. Plus I hear the food is amazing

My daughter has two very good friends who attend Hendrix and I wouldn’t describe them this way at all so I guess they have a variety!