Does independent study look bad when you apply for college?

<p>So I have mental disorders(anxiety and whatnot) and I didn't mind public schooling but it recently got to the point where I've missed a lot of school because of doctor appointments and such so my parents and counselor suggested I do home study for the rest of the school year. Our school independent study is just doing your work from home and you can come to school once in the week just to talk to your teachers. My grades are good but I just know I'd do better if I could do everything completely independently. Do they frown upon that though? </p>

<p>Out of curiosity - do you think that this is something that will be resolved in college?</p>

<p>If you were a college admissions officer at a decently sized institution of higher learning and you received an application from a student whose mental health makes regular attendance difficult - would you peg the student as a good fit for your school? I’m not trying to be rude – its just that mental illness differs from a stint of a certain physical illness (which is not chronic) is that absences/issues with attendance as the result of say, a surgery, will eventually end whereas absences from mental health issues need to be addressed directly - they aren’t going to fade away with time. You can’t turn a blind eye to something like anxiety and take a few days off like you can with a broken leg or a stomach operation - the anxiety needs to be treated with a long term plan that will ensure proper health and stable attendance both now and in college.</p>

<p>Instead of leaving school - is there any other way you can address the problem so that you are still able to regularly attend school (and, later on, college)? </p>

<p>preamble1776 - You do make a good point and I will see if there is a way to work around missing, but I had just figured I would fix the problems within the course of the next few months (as I am already in treatment) and return for the last year of high school. I am perfectly fine elsewhere and quite social actually, just the environment in my specific school is rather irritating, but thank you for the input.</p>

<p>How does it appear on your school record? Do you still get the same credit as if you took the class on campus? </p>

<p>mothergoldenbear - Yes, it’s the same credit </p>

<p>preamble makes a very valid point, but I think the admins would also be impressed with your coping and persevering through this disorder! Its not everyday someone like you comes along so that would help you stand out and you could write an excellent essay on your experiences with it. They’ll probably understand :slight_smile: </p>