Does Iowa State take into account AP and accel classes?

Hi, I’m applying to Iowa State, but nowhere does it ask me anything about AP or accel classes. It just tells me to put in my unweighted gpa, which is only a 3.15, so its not really that good, but I’ve taken 10 AP classes and everything else is accel. It’s also not asking for my highschool transcript anywhere, am I missing something or does it just not ask?

It isn’t obvious from their website. I’d call admissions and ask them.

Below is from their FAQ:

“Instead of taking the time and trouble to ask your high school to mail us an official copy of your transcript, you can simply self-report your class rank, ACT scores, GPA, and core course preparation on your application, and your admission to Iowa State will be based upon this self-reported academic information.”

So they don’t take them into account? For the core courses, it only says the very basics for instance I can put that I took calculus, but not AP calculus.

Is there a section where you can select the level of the class or type in the name of the class? If not, you’ll have to do what intparent suggested and call admissions.

Here’s a link to the Iowa State forum. You can try posting your question there:

Odd that Iowa State’s web site (and those of UI and UNI) says nothing about how to calculate high school GPA (regarding weighting, whether any specific courses should be included or excluded, etc.), given that it is plugged into the admission formula shown at . Call the admissions office and ask directly.

My OOS son is an ISU junior. We did not use anything but his base grades for his 16 AP classes. You do not need a transcript for your application, but if you accept admission, you will need to supply a certified transcript showing your final grades and that you graduated.

Have you calculated your Regent Admission Index yet? Admissions to Iowa State are strictly formula based. If you live in Iowa and your score is greater than 245, you are in. I think this is also the case for OOS students, but I’m not sure.

You should get an admission decision within just a few days of completing your application. My son applied in late July and got notified in early August by mail. I believe that if you check on-line, you find out even quicker. Having an admission decision in your pocket really takes the pressure off. My son applied to and eventually was accepted to five other colleges. After visits, he narrowed it down to three schools, and then two. He finally decided on ISU on April 29.

Alright thanks everyone, I calculated my RAI and I’m over 245 OOS so hopefully I’m accepted.

I believe for OO S you need a 255. Yes, you do self report grades and scores when you apply but they do require official numbers at graduation. As far AP classes, they are not calculated in admission but you can get class credit for them. They also use you English ACT/SAT score to allow you to skip entry level English class if the score is high enough. Hope that answered your questions.