Does it have it or not!

<p>Okay, so I want to go to Harvard and I plan on majoring in neurobiology or neuroscience. I know that Harvard definitely does not have neuroscience as an undergraduate concentration; but I am unsure as to whether or not they have neurobiology. When I google "List of Harvard majors" sometimes neurobiology is there, and sometimes it is not.</p>

<p>So, for students who go to Harvard (or any else who definitely knows): DOES HARVARD HAVE A NEUROBIOLOGY CONCENTRATION (MAJOR)?</p>

<p>A simple Yes or No will suffice, thank you.</p>


<p>All you had to do was go on Harvard's website, I'm not sure why you were messing around with googling stuff:</p>

<p>Life</a> Sciences</p>

<p>In short, maybe.</p>

<p>Yes, just checked the handbook</p>

<p>Echoing the previous posts: yes.</p>

<p>^ Excellent!!! Thanks, guys, for your responses.</p>

<p>No problem.</p>