Does it help you get admitted if you apply with an intended major?

<p>In the supplement for Marist college they ask me what major I would like to do, I have some ideas what I want to do but I'm not positive. My two questions:</p>

<p>If I apply with a certain major chosen, do I have to follow that path once I attend? Or is my answer on the major really not definite?</p>

<p>If I apply with a major chosen, do you think the admissions officers will like that better that I have something planned out as opposed to the kid who has no idea/undecided?</p>

<p>Colleges that require a major specification, one of which is usually undecided for those who do not want to specify a major, have varying rules as to what you can do after specifying a major and being admitted. None say you are stuck with that major forever but they vary as to when you can make a change -- for example, some allow it before you even start, others not until after first semester or first year -- and the difficulty of making a change -- depending on major you want to flip to it can be very easy to difficult to make a change. </p>

<p>As to applying undecided, it usually neither raises nor lowers your chances of admission in relation to other majors.</p>

<p>It should say on the college website whether or not you're locked into your major, and most of the time you're not. As for admissions chances, it doesn't seem like applying with a major makes much of a difference either way. The only way I think it could help you would be making more sense of your extracurricular choices- for example, if you play a lot of instruments and are in chorus and stuff and you say you're an intended music major, they'll see you have a path in mind and that's a good thing. I doubt it makes that much of a difference though.</p>

<p>Not really a huge admissions factor. Although, if you apply for a major that isn't very popular in the school, your chances will likely increase a bit...</p>