Does it hurt my chance if I take SAT 4 times?

<p>I took SAT reasoning test in Oct. and Nov., will take it in Dec. and Jan.</p>

<p>Will it hurt my chance to get admission?</p>

<p>My friend told me:"schools will see all the tests, and >3 times of testinig do suggest a "gambling" or "random chance" of your scores to the schools"</p>

<p>Is that ture?</p>

<p>Grammatix suggests that you can take as many times as you want and colleges don't care about that</p>

<p>the degree to which how much it will affect your admission depends on the school, honestly. An Ivy League school has thousands of applicants that score well in one sitting, and that is more impressive than a person who scored the same score (maybe even higher) in seven sittings- it only highlights the likelihood that a person with your score in fewer sittings is more qualified; admissions people are PEOPLE, not machines, they know that a certain SAT will have better curves than others, and you may have gotten lucky with how that played out. (Frankly, this only matters if the schools you are applying to are pretty damn competitive, i.e. university of florida or alabama would probably be enthralled by such an ambitious applicant who has the patience to take the test 4 times)</p>

<p>Not only does taking the SAT more than 3 times play into this 'gambling' issue, it also shows that you are slightly obsessed with the 'numbers' aspect of your overall resume. Nowadays colleges, while still relying on standardized tests and grades, are weighing heavily on things such as EC's, essays, and the like- they want to have unique individuals who will actually contribute to the campus in a positive way, not just stay cooped up in a library when not in class or sleeping. Frankly, this is why so many valedictorians/1600's/36's get rejected from harvard, princeton, and yale. They don't only want the best of the best students, they want the best of the best leaders and contributors, that's what makes it so hard.</p>

<p>I wouldn't take it again- unless your score is unbearingly low and you know now that you can raise it at least 80 points or more. If your shooting for an increase of anything less than that, it's almost not worth it- again, depending on where you're applying.</p>

<p>If your score will definitely improve, take it again.</p>

<p>If your score may not improve, don't risk it.</p>

<p>I took it 4 times, and I'm not the least bit worried.</p>

<p>I am applying to SUNY universities and penn state</p>

<p>^^ Go ahead and take it if you think you can improve. Usually its the top-ranked universities that are anal about overtesting. You should be fine in regards to SUNYs.</p>

<p>suny's and penn state = TAKE IT again. even if you don't improve, it's SUNY and PennSt. (not to degrade your school choices but they won't take overtesting in a negative light at all as opposed to the ivy's and other top tiers).</p>

<p>::::they might even like you more b/c you've taken the test 4 times, many of their applicants are lazy and lack the initiative to care that much:::::</p>

<p>good luck</p>