Does it look bad for colleges to switch sports in high school?

I have just joined a swim team in my high school, but after some time, I think that swimming isn’t my thing. I have been doing volleyball in the 7th and 8th grade and am thinking to go back to it in 10th grade. Would it be considered bad to switch sports in high school, going from swim to volleyball? And would quitting swimming now, and not doing a sport till next year look bad as well? I am confused and am seeking some advice.

Schools don’t care what you do, they just want you to be active in some ECs.

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Sports only matter to colleges if you are recruitable.


Do what you like. Sports are viewed as an EC and you are engaged.

Think about why you chose swimming and why you subsequently chose volleyball. There may be something that helps you explain your ECs overall and how you engage – you like to do new things, doing things is how you spend time with friends, your interests change, etc.