Does it look bad if an EC (Robotics) is listed only for 10th and 12th grade

I joined FIRST Robotics during 10th grade, but I quit and switched over to VEX Robotics for my 11th grade.

Now a senior, I’m still doing VEX Robotics and came back to FIRST. I separated these two activities on the common app like this:

FIRST Robotics (10 and 12)
VEX Robotics (11 and 12)

Would it look bad if there is a gap year on my commitment to FIRST? I don’t want to combine them into one, although they both fall under robotics, because I was involved in media and business in FIRST (writing essays, fundraising, etc.) while I was in the Mechanical division in Vex.

^No, you’re fine.

You truly are anxious, teen. Not to worry. What you have done is called rounding out the experience and engagement in this arena. You’re fine.

Hopefully, you’ve also done some things which are able to reflect that you can delve into, and contribute to, other things and aspects of yourself as well. That would lead to a full, well-rounded profile.

You’re doing great. Good luck to you.

Hehe. Yes, I’ve done some other things besides robotics. During FIRST, we were meeting 30 hours (including saturdays) a week and it was really hard because I had no car (had to get picked up by my uncle or grandfather since my dad was too busy at work).