Does it look bad to include multiple instruments on your common app?

I play two instruments but I don’t want to look confused…thoughts?

Wby on earth would you think playing 2 instruments make you look confused. Many musicians play multiple instruments.

Unless you’re aiming for Carnegie Hall, there is no reason to specialize. On the flip side, playing one instrument is also fine.

Sounds like you’re already confused about what matters. If you’re really aiming for an Ivy, you’ll be better served by learning more about what they look for.

Agree - I don’t know why that would be confusing. Both of my kids play two very different instruments and I can’t see why listing/highlighting both would be an issue.

My son plays three instruments plus voice and you can bet your bippie he’s putting them all down. It might help explain why his grades are so low. ?

If playing two instruments is part of your story, then find a way to tell that story.
Are you planning to study music in college? If so, studying two instruments in college is a different thing, but it sounds from the way you asked that you’re not planning to be a music major.

No I am not planning to major in music

My kids all played violin. Piano was their secondary instrument.

They did not major in music and it wasn’t a big deal. Why are you so confused? Adding one more instrument is not going to make or break your application.

Ivystudenta, it’s an odd question.

If it’s genuine, it shows you don’t have a solid idea what matters to colleges. That’s a problem. You need to put the effort into understanding, so you can do your best on your apps.

Otherwise, you’re spinning your wheels.

Or is this not really serious? Want to explain a bit about yourself? Possibly just starting hs?

WHat do you mean “If it’s genuine” I am committed to both instruments but I would have to leave out another extracurricular to include both.

You can combine activities on the common app so you have room for everything.

Yes, put both instruments on one line. “Study violin and flute”

But one of them is a lot more serious than the other

I play two instruments (viola and tenor sax). I’m definitely listing them on my app. It makes you look human, not indecisive…

The schools just want to know what you did. If you REALLY like one instrument, list that one and leave the other off. If you like the second instrument more than you like a certain club or sport, list that one. In the end it won’t make one bit of difference. You aren’t being admitted because you played soccer or the sax. They just want to see that you did something during high school. They honestly don’t care what it was.