Does it matter how you find a college?

<p>The school I really really want to attend is in Colorado and my mom is against it because of how I found out about the school. After getting many rejection letters, I started looking online for some schools I could get into and I applied to the university of Colorado and was accepted. I had never visited prior to applying just researched it on the Internet and fell love. Since then I have visited and researched extensively and I still love it. My mom does not want me to go there and always brings up that I pulled the school out of thin air which I did but I've done my research and still really want to go.
Any advice on what to say next time she brings this up? Or does she have a valid reason?</p>

<p>isn't that what the internet is for? to find out information that otherwise is not readily accessible to us? Would she feel differently if you had first found out about it through a guidebook? They're just different media forms providing the same information! </p>

<p>Tell her that tons of people end up at school they find out through research, not personal recommendation or knowledge.</p>

<p>We discovered the college my son is attending through Fiske. Had never heard of it before! He visited and fell in love with it. The feedback I saw on this forum about the school supported my feeling that it was the right place for him, too!</p>

<p>Rejected - The internet is a fine way to find a school, but let's be honest here. Your mom's concern isn't how you found the school - it's probably more a combination of having you go halfway across the country and having your father invest > $100,000 extra to have you go there rather than Cincinnati, when those funds could be used for something else. I would guess that unless you can work through those issues with your mom, these side issues will be extraneous.</p>

<p>I kind of know where you're coming from. My parents both went to a state flagship and neither have much knowledge of the small non-mainstream schools so when I said I wanted to do a Pennsylvania tour of Bucknell, Gettysburg, and Muhlenberg, they were like "whaaat? We don't even know anything about them". </p>

<p>If it <em>really</em> is about the fact that you found it on the internet, tell her that Colorado is a very well-known school and maybe show her some stats about high freshmen retention rates and graduate rates and all the things you love about it (academic things not social).</p>

<p>If you were my child you'd have to justify why Colorado when Cinti has the same programs...</p>