Does it Matter if a Community College Class Taken in High Dchool is an Asynchronous Online Class?

I’m taking this 100% asynchronous online Spanish 3 class at my local community college and I was wondering if it’d matter to colleges that it was done purely online, at least in terms of it fulfilling my foreign language requirements. Will I be considered to have taken 3 years of high school of foreign language this way?

Yes cc classes count. This year especially it does not matter that they are online.

Having said that, top colleges like Harvard and Yale are expecting 4 years, not 3.

Many, many courses this year will be delivered online, and quite a few have in the past. I don’t think it makes a difference in the admissions process.

If you’ve taken two years of Spanish in school and the correct level class as an online college class, you’re good with three years.


I’ve actually only taken Spanish in my Freshman year, Spanish 2 I took at my Community college last spring, and now hopefully Spanish 3 in the upcoming Spring.
Do either of you know if in general, Private / Out-of-State colleges will still accept view that I took 3 years of foreign language even though I did it at a California community college? Is there a rule of thumb for this?

Hello, I am a Junior in high school and I wanted to take Spanish 2A at my local communicate college, Chabot College, during the 2021 Spring semester. 2A is the third semester of Spanish offered at that college and I was wondering if taking that class would fulfill my foreign language requirement for admissions and if I’d be considered to have taken 3 years of High school Spanish by private and/or out-of-state colleges. Also, would it matter that that class is 100% a purely asynchronous online class? Thank you!

From the college admissions standpoint, you will be fine. Highly selective colleges may prefer a 4th year, though.

However, if your high school requires two years of world language (ours does) and you only took one through the HS, you could have a problem in terms of being short the necessary credits for HS graduation. Unless, of course your high school gave you dual credit for the college classes you took, or you cleared that requirement with your guidance counselor.

So most private colleges wouldn’t mind if these classes were completed at a California Community College? Is this a general rule of thumb and are there possible exceptions to this which may not consider my CC classes to fulfill Freshmen Admission Requirements?

If the college is accredited, I know of none that would not consider those community college Spanish classes as having met admissions requirements/recommendations.

Whether or not your credits will transfer to your four year college is going depend on that college’s policies. No guarantees in that aspect.

I’m not interested in transferring college credits, I’m just trying to make sure that colleges accept my 3 years of Spanish and my Foreign Language Requirements for Admissions can be fulfilled not matter the college, whether it be public, out of state, or PRIVATE. Thank you all for the help!

You took the classes. That’s what matters, first. If you needed to use the cc so your hs schedule could be packed with more rigorous classes, with top grades, all the better.

Why so worried? Tons of kids have always utiluzed local college courses. How they count depends on the nature of the class, itself.

Was Span2 a full year?

Looks like the OP took or is taking:

“Spanish 1” – year long high school course (LOTE level 1 for UC/CSU)
“Spanish 2” – semester long 2nd semester college course (Chabot SPA 1B = LOTE level 2 for UC/CSU)
“Spanish 3” – semester long 3rd semester college course (Chabot SPA 2A = LOTE level 3 for UC/CSU)

(LOTE = language other than English)

OP seems to be asking if out-of-state or private colleges use similar equivalency for college foreign language courses to high school foreign language courses.

Yes, you’re still fine with a goal of being considered an applicant who has completed three years of a foreign language.

“foreign language requirements” vary by school. You will have met the requirements of those requiring two or three years, not those who require four (very few). Some also recommend four even though they only require two or three. Presumably you can research the requirements of schools that will be on your list and make appropriate decisions for next year.

Thanks, ucb.
Non UC/CSU privates will look at it differently. On one hand, they need to see you took the classes. Somehow, somewhere.

Otoh, depending on your record and plans, they look at context. A stem major with the right rigor and performance in those classes (per the colleges’ expectations) can sometimes be a little short on foreign language. A humanities hopeful maybe not.

At this point, I’d advise you to worry more about the rest of your picture: understanding what more the target privates look for. Being certain you’re aiming at the right competitive levels of colleges and have safeties you can afford. Knocking the rest of your app out of the park.