does it matter if take old sat in nov, dec, or jan?

<p>anyone know if any particular month tends to be harder than another? have there been any stats as to this type of trend? like last possible chance for seniors to succeed might be in november, so harder???</p>

<p>I really don't think there is a trend or if there's a difference. They scale the tests before it is administered, so it doesn't even depend on who's taking it that month.
The last chance for seniors applying early is november, but regular is january actually.</p>

<p>no it doesnt matter but taking it in Dec before winter break might help from your perspective to take all the pressure of being done with SATs before you relax and enjoy the freeeeeeedom. If you have exams in Dec, you may want to take the SATs then while you are in test mode, or you might want to put them off til Jan. If you have exams in Jan, like me, you may find it better to have the SATs then, again, while in exam mode, or to have them done with in Dec before the cramming stressss..... Score wise, zantedeschia is right, it doesnt matter when you take them .</p>