Does it matter what school you transfer from?

<p>Looking at schools like Rice that have a "minimum transfer GPA" of 3.2, I'm wondering if they seriously don't look at what school you're transferring from. I'd have to hope that a 3.2 at a Top 50 school like CWRU would have more weight than a 3.2 from a CC. Or is that a false hope?</p>

<p>Theoretically, probably; nobody's going to argue that getting a 3.2 at, say, Stanford is as easy as pulling a 3.2 at a local CC. But I think they keep in mind that not everybody can go to a non-CC college right away and that the student coming from CC may be just as capable, if not more, than a student going to a good college already.</p>

<p>I'd have to say that it does matter. Someone achieving a 4.0 at Uc Berkeley in engineering wanting to transfer to MIT will definitely have more weight versus someone who has a 4.0 in another school where their engineering department isn't as reputable. It does matter though what classes are taken and how rigorous the schedule is.</p>

<p>In a school that accepts a large number of transfer students it may not matter as much (Cornell). However, in a school with a limited number of acceptances (Dartmouth, Harvard, UChicago, etc) you can bet your butt it does! I had better grades and more rigorous courses in high school than those who were admitted transfer admissions to UChicago, but what advantage did they have? Most went to T20 schools or were from other countries.</p>