Does it matter where you get your degree from?

<p>I know in almost all other industries, where a person gets their degree matters to a potential employer. Is engineering another one of these? I'm considering the Electrical Engineering major offered at my small (very small) college, but if all I'm going to get out of it is a good math background and no job prospects prefer to know now. I've always been interested in technology but more intrigued by what makes it "tick," if you will. Any input would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>It'll only matter to the first employer. If you go a smaller school, there'll likely be less recruiters than a larger school (and thus possibly less job prospects). Once you get your first taste of work experience, where your degree came from doesn't really matter.</p>

<p>The idea that engineering is a pure meritocracy where only performance matters is only true once you're hired. When you change companies in your career, unless that company is seeking a very specific skill set you are primarily viewed based on your brand. Your brand is the colleges you attended and your past employers. You're a much hotter commodity with a higher salary on the job market if you're Exxon engineer with 3-5 years of experience than if work for some small, local company. </p>

<p>Your college helps you in two regards. First, it becomes part of your brand. Second, it determines your first job, which also is part of your brand. The farther you get in your career, the less college matters. But it will still affect you even 10-15 years down the road.</p>

<p>All of the names on your resume/transcript create a brand. The stronger your brand, the stronger your resume.</p>

<p>Edit: and the idea that it's a meritocracy within a company still isn't exactly right. If a company is hiring from multiple schools, a BS from Stanford might get you in the most prestigious position (more upper level visibility, working with a more critical product or customer, working at the head quarters, etc) whereas a BS from a lower tier school might get you in a less visibly position.</p>

<p>This topic, along with "which engineering program is harder?" is probably the most asked question on the board, sooooooo......</p>

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<p>Have fun</p>