Does it matter?

<p>Im taking all of my tough classes with cleps (precalc calc english and others) .
Would it matter if those are most of my strong classes and they only come with a pass faill grade?</p>

<p>The only way colleges can interpret a P is as a C, so yes, it will make a difference that your more difficult classes were taken P/NP. IMO, if you are preparing to transfer, particularly to a more selective college than you currently attend, the P/NP option should be reserved for classes like PE and underwater basket weaving, not core academic coursework.</p>

<p>Its the clep exam i cant choose it to be anything else then it is.</p>

<p>Sorry, I'm not familiar with clep. If you have no choice but to take these classes P/NP, then I will give you the same advice that I gave the poster who attends a school that doesn't give grades. Get to know your profs well and strive for excellent LORs. And this is an instance where I think that a supplemental LOR from an instructor is called for.</p>

<p>Its not a class there is no professor .Its an external exam for credits.
About 30% of my credits will be clep.</p>

<p>IIRC, some colleges don't award units for CLEP.</p>