Does It Matter?

<p>With senior year almost to start, I have my schedule and for my 2nd period I'm taking Government and there is no honors government at all in my school, however, the SAME period there is another class available that can take the place of Government and it's Honors, but, I'd much rather take Government. My question is, that when a you send your senior year classes in w/ the application, is it really going to affect me that I just took a regular class instead of honors.....this year I also have 3 honors and 2 dual classes, and I've always taken honors everything and had 3 AP classes last year...I was just wondering if it really mattered if I were just to stay in government...Thanks for the help! :)</p>

<p>Don't you HAVE to take Government? I think you should take what you want to take rather than trying to please some admissions committee. If the subject is one of particular interest to you, you can talk about it in an essay.</p>

<p>Government is required to graduate, but the school allows the other Honors course to be taken in place of Government.</p>