Does it mean anything if Yale requested an alumni interview?

I was contacted by Yale for an alumni interview. In terms of the admissions process, does this mean anything at all really?

Thank you!

It probably means you aren’t in the auto-reject pile. But other than that? No.

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I interview for another competitive school and I don’t think the school eliminates anyone and offers interviews to all (when they have enough alumni interviewers). I just received my list on Friday and I will be interviewing 5 applicants for the ED round - I have found the qualifications of the students I have interviewed in the past (over 30 years) to vary greatly. One piece of advice - do not over google your interviewer - I have found it a bit unsettling when I have met a student for an interview and they know so much about me - this is my chance to learn about you and not have you show me how much you know about me.

Yale is different. They have said they will not interview all applicants, just those that they need more info from.

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My friend called admissions at Yale and the person who answered the phone told her while they are only interviewing candidates they need more information from in some areas if they have enough people to conduct interviews they are giving interviews to everyone. We live in Massachusetts and my daughter had an interview. I think the most likely outcome is she won’t get in just like most applicants to Yale. Good luck to all and keep working on your regular admissions applications.