Does it Sound like Im Looking for Pity?

<p>Sort of a general question: is it wise to mention health impediments in your college application? Does it sound like we are loking for pity, or does ti convey the message that we are troopers.</p>

<p>Example: i have scoliosis. i had to wear a brace for 8 hours each day for 2.5 years of high school. should i leave this out, mention it, emphasize it?</p>

<p>any opinions?</p>

<p>depends how you use it, I wouldn't ***** and moan about how horrible it is, but mentioning it as an obstacle you've overcome is probably beneficial.</p>

<p>I used my mom's cancer in my essays, and was careful not to just whine "oh poor me" but put in the right light it can show alot about yourself.</p>

<p>yea, if i mentioned it at all, it would probably be in the context of how it made me realise how lucky i was that things couldnt be worse, or something along those lines. from what i seem to be hearing, though, it sounds better if i just completely avoided the subject altogether.</p>

<p>i think it would be fine--i talked about my grandmother's death because i had taken care of her this summer and it was one of my activities. i didn't sound pitiful or anything, but i stressed the impact it had on me. if you've got something that's a big life experience, go for it. just be careful in how you describe it.</p>

<p>you could mention about how scoliosis helped you become stronger and taught you life lessons (if any)</p>

<p>it works better if someone ELSE mentions it, such as your counselor in their rec.</p>